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Sabine Pauls

Sabine Pauls

Assistant Auditor

Master Anglistics 





Tel.: +49 221 952681-190

Fax: +49 221 952681-114



After completing her Master´s degree in economic and social geography and English studies at the Technical University of Chemnitz, Sabine Pauls became a HR Specialist. To her professional history market-leading companies, which are renowned in the pharmaceutical, chemical and banking sector as well as the area of education at home and abroad, can be added.

Sabine´s has a high knowledge of human resources management including HCM Systems as well as project Management. In addition, she has vast experience in salary Administration.

Her main focus is:

  • IT Ordulations Tests According to IDW PS 330 (The Audit of Financial Statements in an Information Technology Environment)
  • Preparation of audit reports and software certification
  • Coordination and customer support in auditing processes
  • Assistance in project management processes and business services



Where to find us:
Im Mediapark 5a
50670 Cologne
Phone+49 221 952681-190
Fax+49 221 952681-114
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