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IT risk management

IT risk management

The significance of IT systems and applications for business processes within companies and organizations has drastically increased over recent years. These days the efficient organization of business processes and the pursuit of business targets is based to a large extent on the deployment of IT. Accordingly, the financial and HR overhead for handling IT-relevant tasks has grown. Nowadays IT budgets are a significant overhead for many companies. However, the increased significance of IT means that one eye always needs to be kept on the associated opportunities and risks as decisions in this area can have a lasting impact on business success.

Our approach

Based on our comprehensive expertise in setting up efficient management and internal control systems, we offer cross-sector solutions with the aim of identifying and tackling the opportunities and risks associated with the deployment of information technology. By doing so we are able to minimize risks and costs by means of a holistic analysis of the risk factors in the IT environment and by devising a concept for lasting IT risk management.

Our solution approaches

Our focus is on effective IT risk management for future-proofing the company. Our services, which are tailored to our clients’ individual needs, safeguard investments and the provision of valid data for planning and operative management processes.

Establishing an IT risk management system

Stable business processes are dependent on stable support from IT systems and applications. As complexity increases, so, too, does the risk that insufficient performance or the failure of entire IT systems jeopardize the ability of the affected companies to handle their business processes and meet their targets. Using our integrative approach we investigate the networking of business processes and information technology and identify the resulting risks. We prioritize the action required and develop effective corrective measures on the basis of tried-and-tested analytical tools. The resulting IT risk management system can be integrated into existing quality management systems to avoid the duplication of work and generate synergy effects. For example, existing process or procedural documentation can also be used for risk management.

Managing risks in IT projects

It has been demonstrated that over half of IT projects fail to meet their original targets in terms of time, budget, and planned benefit for the business processes. That being so, we help our clients to identify and validate opportunities and risks in IT projects. On that basis we work with you to develop a pragmatic strategy with the aim of managing projects successfully and transparently. This is guaranteed by independent support of the project, including ensuring project success.

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