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IT strategy/IT framework concepts

IT strategy/IT framework concepts

Business and IT strategy in harmony

The right IT configuration for your commercial success Nowadays there are very few areas within a company’s value chain that are able to function without IT. Only an IT set-up that is optimally harmonized with the company’s strategic objectives can successfully and effectively support the implementation of those objectives. Are flexibility and agility are critical to success, is quality a decisive factor, or are efficiency and cost-optimization the key factors for your commercial success? Given this interplay of competing requirements, it is crucial to identify the optimum IT strategy. Organization, processes, application landscape, infrastructure, and the use of technology must interact harmoniously and be geared toward the critical factors for success.

The approach to the IT strategy

IT AUDIT has developed a specific approach to the development and implementation of a successful IT strategy. This enables an individual and specific IT strategy to be devised in close consultation with the client. The future demands on the IT system are derived from the corporate objectives. A short analysis identifies the variations between the current IT situation and the IT requirements based on operative business requirements. IT AUDIT uses this as the basis for drawing up the strategic guidelines for the IT system and identifying the areas of action that are relevant to its implementation. After prioritizing the strategic areas of action, a portfolio of measures and the implementation plan are drawn up. This guarantees that the IT strategy as drawn up can be realized in practice.

The experience of IT AUDIT shows that the integration of company management and a professionally managed process results in an IT strategy that is practiced and supported by all.

The benefit to you

  • Effective and efficient support of business processes by the IT system
  • An IT strategy tailored to business logic
  • An IT strategy that is relevant and realizable for your company
  • Clear decision-making bases and guidelines for new IT investments
  • Transparency of the funds deployed for IT with the greatest possible benefit for the company
  • Clear roadmap/implementation planning, project aims with priorities

Thanks to its interdisciplinary approach and its experience, IT AUDIT can skillfully solve complex tasks that take in various subject areas in line with your requirements.


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