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Migration and interface audits

Migration and interface audits

Electronically available data is becoming increasingly more expansive and complex, be that lists of open items, asset history sheets, material stock lists, etc.

Similarly, many deployed systems and some modules of these systems harbor the risk that data is transferred incompletely and/or incorrectly. Spot checks do not enable either the auditor or the management to obtain any representative certainty regarding the correctness and completeness of the processed data.

For that reason, both we and company auditors use tools for an automatic and complete evaluation. Any migration, whether software or hardware, represents a significant intervention in the system with a varying impacts on the bookkeeping system, even where the bookkeeping system is not directly affected by the migration. Complete and correct data transfer is crucial for the success of the migration.

IT AUDIT uses the IDEA auditing software that enables a rapid and efficient review of data sets. Large and very large quantities of data can be processed with flexible evaluation options.

Our services (extract):

  • Examination of the inventory valuation by means of alternative, retrograde calculation
  • Analysis of fixed asset and material inventories
  • Aging analyses
  • Input-output reconciliation
  • Reconciliation of data sets before and after migration
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